Welcome to the farm. Click below for a quick visit overview of our animals.https://gopro.com/v/7aKX9aO5nVPO2

BIRTHDAYS... Organize a child’s or a relative’s birthday at the Farm Quinchien. You can start with a visit with the animals and then continue the party in our reception hall, offered to you free of charge for 2 hours. You can add carriage rides for adults and children, as well as poney rides for the little ones. In the summer, the kids will love our inflatable games! With a minimum of 30 children, our BASIC PACKAGE is $14.95 + tax per child and includes the visit of the farm, feeding the animals and a poney ride.

CORPORATE... Is it time for a team spirit building activities for your office or organization? You can arrange a day on the farm to celebrate our wonderful animals and help create special bonds, along with some well-earned relaxation. In the summer, you can take advantage of our on-site barbecue to grill some hot dogs and hamburgers and enjoy the sun and fresh air. Don’t forget the carriage rides and in the winter, how about some maple taffy on the snow! Our CORPORATE PACKAGE is $18.95 per person and includes the farm visit, a carriage ride and the reception hall is free of charge.

EDUCATIONAL... Organize a school or pre-school outing on the farm. A great way for the kids to learn that non-meat producing farms exist in Quebec. They will learn to feed, care and cuddle over 20 different species and 150 animals from our specialized guide. We also offer carriage rides for all and poney rides for the children. In the summer, they can have fun in the inflatable games.

Reception hall for your party, free of charge with group packages

La Ferme du Domaine Quinchien is partnered with Restaurant Olivia Caterers. They offer a wide selection of meals and desserts so you can have your feast delivered directly to the farm.

At the time of your reservation, we will require a 50% (non-refundable but a credit will issued valid for 1 year) downpayment in order to confirm your reservation.