Whatever the event, it’s always more fun with animals! Weddings, birthdays, how about a couple of goats for your cocktail party?

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Rent Animals For Activities Of All Kinds!

Give your guests a unique experience by choosing the animals that will be visiting you! For birthdays and children’s parties, an event in a shopping center, your corporate activities, your municipal celebrations, a fundraiser, your consortium and more!

Our Animals

Choose several species of animals. Pheasant, hen, rooster, quail, curly hen, duck, guinea fowl, pigeon, miniature rabbit, guinea pig, giant rabbit of Flanders, wild turkey, sheep, goat, pig, llama, donkey, pony, mini horse, cow and beef.

Our Customers

Our guests are often families, friends, day camps, primary and secondary schools, daycares and childcare centers, fairs and recreation centers, flea markets, bazaar, etc. o



THE BIG FARM – 1 mini-house of chickens and roosters, 1 mini-house of rabbits, 1 mini-house of chinchillas, 2 miniature goats, 3 sheep, 1 miniature pig, 1 llama and 1 donkey. $1295.

THE TRIO – 1 goat on a leash, 1 sheep on a leash and a rabbit. $695

THE KIDS – 1 mini-house of chickens and a rooster, 1 mini-house of rabbits, 1 mini-house of ducks, 2 miniature goats, 2 sheep and 1 miniature pig. $995

THE CARRIAGE – or sleigh with 2 Great Black Canadian Horses for 10 to 15 people. $1295


THE CARRIAGE – or sleigh with 1 horse for 8 adults. $895

THE MINI – 1 mini-house of chickens and a rooster, 1 mini-house of rabbits, 1 sheep, 1 miniature goat. $795

MINI HOUSES – 1 mini-house of rabbits, 1 minihouse of ducks. 1 mini-house of grey, black, brown and white chickens, with a demonstration of of white and blue-green eggs, 1 rooster and 1 chinchilla. $695

THE CAROUSEL – A 4 pony carousel for the little ones only. $795


THE MONO – 1 goat or 1 sheep on leash. $275

THE DUO – Rabbits and chickens. $395

ADD-ONS – (basic prices) – prices may vary depending on your choice of package

  • Bunny Mascot… $150
  • Make-up for children… $200
  • Themed decorations… upon request
  • Snacks for the animals… prices upon request

Transportation fees not included

**Important: all mentionned prices do not include taxes.

When you call us to reserve,you will be quoted a price, according to your specifications. We require a transferable but not refundable 50% down-payment at the time of the reservation and the balance is due 48 hours before your event.